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Table Lamps

Discover an extensive collection of Philips desk lights and decorative table lamps! Illuminate your workspace with precision and style using Philips desk lights, designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Whether you require focused task lighting for productivity or ambient illumination for a warm atmosphere, our desk lights deliver both functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your interior decor with our decorative table lamps, crafted to complement various design preferences. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, Philips offers a diverse array of table lamps to suit any room. Each lamp is carefully designed to provide not only radiant light but also a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

With energy-efficient options and intuitive features, you can effortlessly customize your lighting experience. Explore wide collection of Philips decorative table lamps & study/ desk lights today and let our decorative table lamps and desk lights, transform your home or workspace into a beautifully illuminated space.


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Philips Roseate Table lamp Philips Roseate Table lamp
Not available in your location

Philips Roseate Table lamp... Philips Roseate Table lamp...

From Rs. 5,327.00 Rs. 6,600.00

Philips Floret Table Lamp Philips Floret Table Lamp
Not available in your location

Philips Floret Table Lamp... Philips Floret Table Lamp...

From Rs. 2,520.00 Rs. 4,000.00

Philips Ornate Table lamps Philips Ornate Table lamps
Not available in your location

Philips Ornate Table lamps... Philips Ornate Table lamps...

From Rs. 3,371.00 Rs. 3,640.00

Philips Striker Table Lamp Philips Striker Table Lamp
Not available in your location

Philips Striker Table Lamp... Philips Striker Table Lamp...

From Rs. 1,686.00 Rs. 4,600.00

Philips Jazz Table lamp Philips Jazz Table lamp
Not available in your location

Philips Jazz Table lamp... Philips Jazz Table lamp...

From Rs. 4,442.00 Rs. 5,500.00

Philips Hint Table lamp
Not available in your location

Philips Hint Table lamp... Philips Hint Table lamp...

From Rs. 3,895.00 Rs. 4,100.00

Philips Air Desk light Philips Air Desk light
Not available in your location

Philips Air Desk light... Philips Air Desk light...

From Rs. 877.00 Rs. 1,450.00

Philips Breeze Desk light Philips Breeze Desk light
Not available in your location

Philips Breeze Desk light... Philips Breeze Desk light...

From Rs. 877.00 Rs. 1,450.00

Philips Cosmos Desk light Philips Cosmos Desk light
Not available in your location

Philips Cosmos Desk light... Philips Cosmos Desk light...

From Rs. 1,559.00 Rs. 2,900.00

Philips Orbit Desk light Philips Orbit Desk light
Not available in your location

Philips Orbit Desk light... Philips Orbit Desk light...

From Rs. 1,364.00 Rs. 2,200.00

Philips Skyy Rechargeable Desk light Philips Skyy Rechargeable Desk light
Not available in your location

Philips Skyy Rechargeable Desk light... Philips Skyy Rechargeable Desk light...

From Rs. 1,072.00 Rs. 2,050.00

Table lamps are a versatile and essential part of any home. They not only provide functional lighting but also add an aesthetic appeal to the space. Table lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, making them perfect for any room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom.

How to choose the right table lamp?

Table lamps stand out as highly versatile lighting fixtures, seamlessly blending functionality and style in any room. Their core purpose revolves around delivering ambient lighting, enveloping your living space in a warm and comforting glow. Regardless of whether your intention is to illuminate a particular area or infuse a touch of sophistication into your décor, there is an extensive selection of table lamp designs tailored to diverse styles and preferences. Let's delve further into key considerations to help you discover the perfect table lamp.

1. Assessing Your Lighting Needs

It's essential to pinpoint whether the lamp will primarily serve as task lighting, providing focused illumination for activities such as reading, or if its purpose is more geared towards offering ambient light to enhance the overall atmosphere.

2. Size and Proportion

The meticulous consideration of size and proportion is pivotal in the pursuit of the perfect table lamp. Striking a harmonious balance entails ensuring that the lamp's size complements, rather than overwhelms, the table or surface on which it will be placed.

3. Color Contrast

The color palette of your chosen table lamp plays a significant role in influencing the overall ambiance of the room. Opting for a vibrant color can transform the lamp into a focal point, injecting personality and energy into the space. Conversely, a neutral-colored lamp seamlessly blends with the surroundings, creating a calming atmosphere.

4. Material and Style

The material and style of the table lamp are key elements that contribute to its overall look and feel. Consider the existing décor of the room and choose a lamp that complements or enhances the style. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek design or a more traditional and ornate look, the lamp's aesthetic should resonate with the overall theme of the space.

5. Budgetary Constraints

Before finalizing your decision, it's essential to establish a budget for your table lamp purchase. With a wide range of options available, from budget-friendly to high-end designer lamps, having a clear budget in mind helps narrow down choices and ensures you find a lamp that meets both your aesthetic preferences and financial constraints.

Reasons Why Table Lamps Are Essential in Your Bedroom

1. Ambiance

In the bedroom, table lamps play a pivotal role in creating a warm and cozy ambiance. The soft and diffused light they emit contributes to an inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of relaxation and comfort. The gentle glow of a table lamp can transform the bedroom into a retreat, providing the perfect environment for winding down after a long day.

2. Task Lighting

Beyond ambiance, table lamps in the bedroom serve as practical sources of task lighting. Whether you're engaged in reading or other bedside activities, the focused illumination they provide allows you to carry out tasks without disrupting the entire room. This dual functionality makes table lamps an indispensable addition to the bedroom, combining style with practicality.

3. Decorative Element

In addition to their functional aspects, table lamps serve as decorative elements in the bedroom. With a myriad of designs and styles available, they can complement the overall design scheme, adding visual interest and enhancing the aesthetic of the space.

4. Personalization and Style

Table lamps offer a versatile way to personalize your bedroom and showcase your style. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials available, you can choose a table lamp that aligns with your overall bedroom decor and reflects your personal taste.

Explore From A Range of Table Lamps

Table lamps, available in a spectrum ranging from timeless elegance to avant-garde whimsy, present a vast array of options tailored to suit an extensive range of individual tastes and preferences. Whether one's aspiration is to infuse a touch of sophistication into the bedroom, foster heightened concentration in the study, or inject a dash of stylish flair into the living room, the captivating variety of table lamps effortlessly marries style and utility. This journey invites you to delve into the diverse world of table lamp designs, where each luminary not only illuminates but also contributes significantly to the overall charm and atmosphere of your home.

Different Types Of Table Lamp Materials To Consider

Selecting the ideal table lamp requires more than just matching your décor preferences; it is also important to evaluate the material from which the lamp is made. Wood, ceramic, and metal are three materials that play a pivotal role in shaping the character of a table lamp. Wood, with its natural warmth and versatility, brings an organic touch to any space. Wooden table lamps often feature intricate craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty of grain patterns and textures. They effortlessly blend with rustic, traditional, or modern interiors, offering a timeless aesthetic.

Ceramic, on the other hand, introduces an element of artistry and diversity. Available in a plethora of colors, shapes, and finishes, ceramic lamps allow for endless customization. Whether it's a glossy, hand-painted base or a textured matte surface, ceramic lamps contribute to a dynamic visual landscape. The material's inherent heat resistance also makes it a practical choice.

Metal, with its sleek and contemporary appeal, imparts an industrial or minimalist vibe to a room. Commonly used metals like brass, bronze, or steel offer durability and a polished finish. Metal lamps often feature streamlined designs, making them ideal for modern or eclectic settings. Additionally, metal's reflective surfaces can enhance the overall brightness of a room, creating a luminous atmosphere.

Tips and Tricks for Preserving the Beauty of Your Table Lamp

Preserving the beauty of your table lamp is a worthwhile endeavor that ensures not only the longevity of this functional item but also the aesthetic appeal it brings to your living spaces. Here's a breakdown of essential tips and tricks, organized point by point, to help you maintain the allure of your table lamp.

1. Gentle Dusting for Lasting Shine

Regular dusting is the foundation of table lamp maintenance. Use a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster to gently remove accumulated dust from the lamp's surface.

2. Handle with Care

When moving or adjusting the lamp's position, lift and handle it by holding the base or body. Avoid gripping any protruding elements, especially the shade. To prevent scratches on surfaces, place felt pads or a soft cloth underneath the lamp.

3. Repairing Scratches with Care

For minor scratches, use a touch-up marker or a wax pencil to conceal the blemish. Test the product in an inconspicuous area first. For deeper scratches, consider consulting a professional furniture restorer for advice or repairs.

Why Choose Philips Table & Desk Lamp?

At the heart of every Philips table lamp is a commitment to innovation and quality. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology, Philips consistently pioneers advancements in the field of lighting, ensuring that their table lamps not only illuminate rooms but also elevate the overall aesthetic. The marriage of form and function is evident in the sleek designs and thoughtful features of these lamps, making them a perfect addition to any space.

One of the standout qualities of Philips table lamps is their versatility. Whether adorning your bedside table, accentuating a cozy reading nook, or gracing the console in the entryway, these lamps effortlessly blend into diverse settings.

The ease of use, adjustable brightness levels, and energy-efficient features make these table lamps a practical choice for modern living. As technology continues to evolve, Philips remains at the forefront, ensuring that their lamps not only meet but exceed the expectations of the discerning homeowner.